6 Tips From Experts That Can Cure Your Migraine Quickly


Migraine pain is very painful and unpleasant pain. It’s kind of genetic mostly half of the headache does not remain in it, which can last for 3-7 days. A few days before its departure, blurriness starts appearing in front of the eyes. some dark curly or bright shadow is seen There is such a pain in which there is no interest in any work and there is a possibility of nausea and vomiting. Stuttering in speaking in this pain, not feeling like working, does not feel like eating food and the mind remains sad. 

6 Tips From Experts That Can Cure Your Migraine Quickly
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What is Migraine 

This is a neurologic disease that occurs on both or one side of the head In this disorder, the person becomes more sensitive to sound and lighting In this, there is difficulty in speaking, inverted sadness, and nervousness.  


Q1. What is the main cause of migraine? 

Ans1. The most common cause of migraine is due to excessive stress. Loud noise and strong smells can also be caused by the wrong lifestyle and food.  

Q2. How do I stop my migraine? 

Ans2. Will turn off the light and noise, and try to be calm and happy cold water will give relief to the head and you can also drink some soft drinks. 

Q3. Is migraine a serious problem? 

Ans3. Many times the pain of a migraine arises due to any reason and ends within 1-7 days. But if someone has persistent pain, then it should be taken seriously because it is a sign of a serious condition. 

Q4. What are the 2 common symptoms of migraine? 

Ans4. (1) Hypersensitive to loud noises and light  (2) blurred vision  

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Q5. Can migraine be cured? 

Ans5. It can be reduced by medicines for some time but to avoid this, stress and deep contemplation should be avoided as much as possible.  

Causes Of Migraine 


Most migraine cases run in the family. If any family member has such a problem, then the chances of getting this disease increase. Because the texture of the genetic structure of the body is similar. Therefore it also depends on the family history.  

State Of Tension  

Most of the reason for this disease is to keep worrying about something for a long time. When the stress level increases in the mind, there is pressure on the nervous system. Due to this the nerve of the mind also starts shrinking, due to which the pain of migraine starts. 

Prolonged Illness  

When any kind of disease persists in the body for a long time, then also the reason for this is Due to illness, all the slow nerves of the mind start getting affected. Because all the work is conducted by this and it is natural to have such an effect on it. Because the effects of taking medication for a chronic illness promote migraines. 

Use Of Excessive Alcohol Or Caffeine 

excessive alcohol consumption or tea and coffee. Migraines can also be caused by caffeine because the consumption of such chemicals affects all the nerves and as a result, many diseases have to be faced.  

6 Tips From Experts That Can Cure Your Migraine Quickly
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Eat More Fried Food 

A wrong lifestyle and food can also cause migraine. Because this type of food causes tension in the nerves from the whole body to the brain. Spicy fried dirt keeps on accumulating in the blood in the body due to food, due to which the blood also gets disturbed. The nervous system of the whole body is adversely affected and this condition causes migraine. 

Nutritional Deficiencies  

The operation of the whole body is done through the brain is well positioned to do this job nutrition is required and when nutrients are not completely available then there is pressure on the brain to function and this causes headaches.  

More Screen Time  

spending too much time on an electric screen has a severe effect on brain function. Due to this tension starts in the brain and the effect of eye fatigue also puts pressure on the brain due to falling eyes, there is a pain in the whole head, which increases and turns into migraine pain.  

Solution Of Migraine 

1. Do some Experience/Yoga 

Exercise and yoga have many benefits to reduce migraine. Any of these cardio walking running will make you feel happy and light. Some simple postures in which child pose, bridge pose, dog pose, bend pose, and half plough pose can be done. Due to this pain is reduced, anxiety is reduced and blood circulation is good. Helps reduce stress by calming down the nerves Breathing exercises and meditation are also helpful in reducing migraine disorders.  

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2. Get Enough Sleep 

Keep the mind as light as possible and get enough sleep 8-12 hours of sleep is very important to make the mind feel fresh. So that all kinds of recovery time can be given and feel relaxed. It is natural to have pain in a busy mind therefore, to lighten and relax the mind, sleep should also be taken very well.  

3. Eat Nutritious Foods 

The body should continue to get complete nutrition because  Due to the lack of nutrition extra pressure on the mind Due to which the nervous system of the mind starts contracting. Adequate nutrition does not apply extra pressure on the brain and the mind will feel relaxed. 

4. Avoid Bad Addictions 

Wanted to stay away from any kind of wrong addiction which has harmed the body. Alcohol cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine, which affects sleep. Many times the caffeine present in Coffee makes you feel relaxed, but its excess also disturbs sleep, due to which sleep is reduced and if the mind is not fresh due to less sleep that’s why we have to avoid all kinds of wrong beliefs. 

6 Tips From Experts That Can Cure Your Migraine Quickly
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5. Stay Away From Tension 

By the way, we cannot control any thought but keep ourselves away from any kind of tension as much as possible. Any stress level from the mind should be prevented from increasing so that the nerves of the brain remain relaxed and there is no pressure on them. Because stress level affects the nervous system and migraine occurs. 

6. Do Something Interesting Hobbies 

To reduce the tension of this in the mind, you can do some work of interest like listening to music, dancing or playing any game, cricket, basketball, or swimming to avoid other types of tension. 


Migraine Disorder is a type of disease caused by a disturbance in the nervous system. When for some reason there is extra pressure on the tears of the brain, then there is a problem of headache and migraine. Try to avoid stress to avoid this problem Some exercises and yoga poses also help in relieving it. Along with this, the right foods are also necessary or suggested to avoid bad addictions foods. Doing interesting things like listening to music, dancing, playing a game In this way this problem can be avoided.  



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