Safe Holi : 12 Best Tips To Make This Holi Safe


Festivals are very important in our culture, we carry forward the customs of our ancestors. So one such festival is also of safe holi. Waiting for this day starts from many days in advanced and as much fun as there is in this festival, there are some troubles too as everyone knows that safe holi is a festival of color and gulal, then it is inevitable that we will be drenched in colors. So many types of chemicals that are added to these colors are harmful to the body so get ready for holi and enjoy holi by being cool. 

1. Moisturize The Body 

Preparation for the festival of safe holi should be done long in advance. The body should be nourished a long time in advance, because if there is proper moisture in the body, then the effect of outside chemicals will also be less because the body will be nourished only after being properly moisturized, so every night before a week, apply moisturizer and massage it and keep it overnight. 

2. Massage  

Massage is also a way to nourish the body of a person, which should be done before breathing. Chemical color gulal cannot enter the body after being well nourished. Therefore, by playing Holi, the whole body should be cleansed, the skin should be worn with night cream, or the hair should be massaged with oil, so that the hair does not dry out or the hair looks dirty. 

3. Cover The Whole Body 

Before playing Holi, arrangements should be made in advance to avoid the effect of chemical on your body and if you want to prepare for this in advance to protect the body from chemicals, we wear such clothes that cover our body or wear it on the day of Holi. If possible, socks can also be worn in the feet so that the ankles can be saved from bursting. 

4. Play Skin Safe Holi 

Always make homemade gulal for not harming the skin or give advice to the one who plays with someone like this, to use Gulal, or to play with its to avoid any park allergy or any side effect. 

5. Take Care Of Your Eyes 

To play Holi, care should also be taken to protect the eyes because there is a possibility of damage to the eyes. For this, take care of the cleanliness of the eyes or keep a bottle of rose water with you, so that the eyes will be filled with mucus, the color of the eyes will come out quickly.

There will be no side effect for the safety of the eyes, you can also apply forgiveness or eye lenses so that the direct color does not go into the eye and keep washing the eyes continuously with cold water in case any burns happen. After the end of Holi, take a bath and get rose water in your eyes. 

6. Do Not Scrub Too Hard To Remove The Color 

After playing Holi, people rub a lot to get rid of the color from the body, which is completely wrong. This causes skin tissue damage to remove the color from the skin, use a piece of cotton dipped in oil to clean it lightly with a sponge or use a bad face wash to suit the skin the color will lighten and leave the skin. 

7. Nail Protection 

Nails also get damaged due to the color of safe holi, so before playing Holi, three to four codes of nailpolish are applied on them for their protection and if possible, then fake nails can also be applied on the nails, so that the color will not be applied on the nails and the children will also remain with the chemical base color.

For as long and as many times as you can keep the face cool, you can put that much date and it can also reduce any irritation and infection on the skin.  Also removes infections and allergies caused by color. 

8. Use Sunscreen 

To play Holi, we do it outdoors only. Because if Holi is to be played in the sun then exposure of ultraviolet light to the skin can damage the layer of the skin. Because the combination of sun ultra violet and color has very bad side effects on the skin. So to avoid this, use sunscreen on the body. For this, use a well balanced sunscreen for the body separately and for the face. First apply moisturizer on the face, then apply a coat of sunscreen after  20 minutes.  

9. Don’t Do Make Up  

Make up of any kind should be done on the day of playing Holi. There can be many problems on the skin due to mixing of colors and dyes found in make-up, due to which there is a possibility of irritation of the den fibers on the skin. So play safe Holi without makeup Rather moisturize the skin and nourish the body from inside so that no chemical can go inside and there is no side effect. 

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10. Don’t Use Ice Water 

One of the best and cheapest means to play safe holi safely is ice because its properties are very good in itself. Before playing safe holi, dip the shovel in ice water for a long time, which closes the pores of the skin and does not remove the dirt and chemical color of the outside. 

11. Hair Protection 

For the safety of Holi  first of all do a deep massage with oil a day before safe holi. Nourish the hair well without leaving it dry, because the color will be absorbed very quickly in dry hair, so moisturize it well. So that the chemical color does not go inside and does not damage the scalp, but remains on the hair itself.

For this purpose, the scalp hair should be treated with oil to reduce the length of the hair, massage it with bad olive oil, so that the coating on the hair is banned or hair color is saved. To prevent color from entering the hair, cover the earring well with a cloth from above so that the chemical does not enter the scalp. 

12. Play Safe Holi With Dry Colors 

In the gaiety of Holi, we forget the precautions, it is absolutely wrong. The use of water can lead to infection in the body because the more wet the skin, the more prone to fungal infection. If possible, paint it dry or even if it gets wet, change dry clothes quickly. 


So, with a little care and preventive methods, you can enjoy a safe holi. So play safe holi and keep socializing among people. 


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