Hair Lice: Reasons, Symptoms, Treatment And 3 Best Remedy


Having hair lice is a very bad condition due to its presence in the hair, it causes problems due to itching and it is embarrassing to go somewhere. lice are a parasite that makes their home in the hair and also increases the yield by laying eggs. It happens in all the environment whether human or animal. Lives in the hair and fills its stomach by drinking blood from the skin.

If lice are present in the hair of the human head, then they live for 30 days in women and 20 days in men and die automatically. But if given further, the life span in the hair goes on for a long time. These female lice lay 90 eggs at a time these eggs turn into gametes in a span of 7 days and become adults every 10-12 days and they become capable of giving quails.

Hair Lice: Reasons, Symptoms, Treatment And 3 Best Remed
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Even after coming out of the hair dies in some time. It occurs due to a lack of proper hair care or it is transferred from someone who already has it. So let’s discuss in detail its existence and its removal. 

What Is Hair Lice  

Hair lice is a parasite It is a different type of Hora from humans to animals. Fills the stomach by drinking blood by piercing the scalp. While biting, they release a chemical from the mouth, due to which we do not feel pain but it itches. Its life span is 30 days, its scalp gets very itchy due to cuts not harmful in any way. 

People Also Asked 

Q1. How to get rid of hair lice? 

Ans1. Many home remedies can be used to remove hair lice It is removed by applying lemon juice mixed with baking soda. 

Q2. Why are there so many hairs like me? 

Ans2. Not cleaning the scalp properly or getting dirty clothes, sheets, pillow covers or any contact that already has hair lice  

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Q3. How long do lice last? 

Ans3. The life span of adult lice is 30 days, with 28 days in the scalp of the female and 30 days in the scalp of the male. 

Q4. Which disease is caused by hair lice? 

Ans4. lice is a parasite, it only fills the stomach by drinking blood, the rest is not harmful in any way. 

Q5. Can lice harm hair? 

Ans5. The eggs of the lice in the hair are similar to dandruff, which can cause the lice’ hair to become brittle 

Symptoms Of Hair Lice  

  • Crawling sensation in the scalp 
  • Itchy scalp 
  • Lice in hair 
  • Write visibility 

Reasons For Hair Lice  

1. Lack Of Cleanliness 

When someone does not keep the sacrifice properly or things are done to him hair lice even if the combing does not clean the hair towel not clean properly also causes hair lice. Because they are parasites born in filth, they start getting their food and produce.

2. Contagious  

If you come in contact with a person who already has lice, then it can be transmitted to others. Because lice can jump, jump and fly and can also go to another person and it is very difficult for Joyo to change his house. As soon as she gets a clear head, she jumps and goes to another. So whenever the belongings of a lice person move from one to another like a towel,  hair comb or brush, cap pillow cover, headband or helmet.  

3. Concentration On Hair  

When there are many areas where there is a wet season, when it happens where there is a sea in the area, then there is a wet season in such a place. No matter how much you clean the hair in it, due to the concentration, stickiness remains in them, due to which dirt accumulates in the hair and due to this, like hair because of this bad weather, filth is created in hair and lice takes place and by giving cocks, they increase the family and become very large in number.  

Hair Lice: Reasons, Symptoms, Treatment And 3 Best Remed
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4. Dirty And Saltwater 

The water many places whether for drinking or for bathing If there is salt or very dirty water in the area the floor, like clean water, becomes sticky if you wash it with water and the hair becomes very coarse lice can also occur due to such stickiness of the hair and the use of salt water.

5. Side Effects Chemical Product 

Sometimes due to cosmetic fashion chemical-based shampoos and conditioners are used, which also have a bad effect on the health of the hair. Sometimes due to chemical exposure, side effects also occur and the hair starts getting dirt and stickiness this condition also causes lice.  

6. Dirt On Useful Clothes 

Sometimes, apart from the dirt on the hair, the dirt of the clothes carrying it is also the cause of hair lice. When wearing dirty clothes that have not been washed for a long time. The dirt present in them gets on the hair and makes them dirty as well as in the clothes. Bedsheet pillow or blanket quilt that has been cleaned for a long time and has accumulated dirt in them So the dirt accumulated in the hair can affect the hair, but lice are born in them. 

Ways To Prevent Hair Lice  

1. Take Care Of Hygiene 

Always keep hair dry make sure to wash your hair twice a week with a gap of 3 days. No matter what the weather is, don’t be negligent in styling your hair should be allowed to dry thoroughly after washing so that there is no moisture left in it and after drying, tie them well so that they can be protected from external dirt. 

2. Keep Distance From Contagious  

Keep your distance from any person who has head lice don’t comb that person’s towels Because there may be lice in them keep away from that person because if you go near the lice can come into your head hair cables jump jump fly crawl. 

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3. Use Clean And Filtered Water  

Whenever you want to wash, do it with clean water, at any time, use salt water which is available in the sea area, and use only filtered water there to clean the hair water, bleach etc. should not be used, water should always be sufficient. 

Hair Lice: Reasons, Symptoms, Treatment And 3 Best Remedy
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4. Avoid Chemical Products 

Many people use many types of beauty products in the affair of fashion. Many chemical conditioners are also used to make the hair shine and the effect of getting out of date or excessive chemicals can also be seen in the form of lice. 

Treatment To Get Rid Of Hair Lice Remedy 

  1. Mix onion juice and coconut oil and massage it well on the scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then wash your hair properly and it will be completely clean. 
  2. Bitter neem leaves – Wash and boil the leaves thoroughly and after boiling them, massage the water into the scalp. Washes the hair in half an hour and gives a good shine 
  3. Melt camphor tablets in coconut or mustard oil and heat let it cool down and massage it into the scalp wash hair normally after half an hour. 


We have come to know that lice are more in moist environments, so as much as possible, such a place needs more cleaning as much as possible everyone should keep their clothes, sheet, towel, comb and the environment clean along with the scalp. Refrain from using someone’s personal belongings and in these ways, the lice can be avoided.



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