Laser Treatment : Now All The Treatment Will Be Easy 7 Benefits


Laser Treatment : Now All The Treatment Will Be Easy 7 Benefits

Today everyone is busy in their work, even there is no time for treatment. We are moving towards laser treatment technology with the wish that the treatment should also go quickly.

  1. What Is This Laser Technique
  2.  How Safe Was It?
  3. Should It Be Taken In Voyaging?

What Is Laser Technology?

Laser is a kind of light, which has a particular web length which has to target our body’s target chloroform. Target the meaning of chloroform is to target it at that place so that what kind of result we will get in the skin.

Laser treatment is effective when it is not possible to cure any disease with medicines. In that case that area of ​​the skin is targeted and treated.

Laser Light Is Of Two Type:-

  • Surgical
  • Non surgical

1. Surgical Laser

Surgical Laser is used to operate on most parts of the body. Laserlight this special beam light that thins the tissue without incisions and stitches Removes a thin layer of tissue from the skin.The laser goes deep into the tissue and removes it, but quickly forms a blood clot. Using laser technique in operation to remove tumor breast biopsy kill cancer cells  in thyroid cancer remove tonsils in thyroid and to cure any disease.

2. Non Surgical Laser

Medical treatment without surgery. This can be done even after diagnosing the disease. There is no need of surgical procedure non surgical light are scanner and x-rays, M.R.I, Ultrasound, laparoscopy, urine test comes under this procedure.It is also safe from the side effects of surgical.

laser eye surgery like cataract operation or removal of spectacles.These days there are three best in the most popular technology.

  • Lasik Laser
  • Smile  Laser
  • Contour Vision Laser.

Using laser in all three helps to remove eye glasses in these surgeries, the spectacles are lost as well as the vision becomes better than normal without antonyms, there is no blade, no bandage, no one is admitted to the hospital.The tissue is treated by putting the beam light of the laser directly on the cornea.

1. Laser Filling In Teeth

Doctor used laser light during root canal treatment. The laser  light target  bacteria and viruses, and targets that area. The laser helps in killing 99.7% of the bacteria in the mouth. The dentist removes damaged tissue with a laser, and cleans.

This makes root canal treatment more effective. At the time of filling in the teeth, the molten material is put in the teeth and the laser of blue light is put on it, as a result of which the filling becomes hard and becomes permanent.

Sometimes there is a gap in the teeth due to Freon, which is removed with the help of laser without bleeding the extra tissue. Neither any kind of wound or incision is given and the work of removing the tissue is done easily.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Lager’s radiation rays Targets hair follicle. When the beam light heats and destroys the follicle tissue. The problem of unwanted hair can also be solved with the help of laser technology and this technique is effective in removing PCOD, PCOS or hormones disease based hair.

If your skin is fair, hair is dark then ruby and alexandrite laser, If thick hair, dark hair and dark skin then diode laser, if you are very fine gray-haired and thickness then laser don’t work.

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3. Night Laser Treatment

The surgeon can perform sleep apnea. Surgery to trim the soft palate. The muscles of the soft palate can be changed. The PUP and soft palate procedures are surgery for sleep apnea. It is done by removing the thin tissue of the nose, and pharynx and removing the tonsils of the throat by surgery such surgery laser is used.

  • Tattoo removal Laser Treatment:- Many times the tattoos made by had to be removed due to some job or some personal reason. Nowadays P20 technique is considered the best in tattoo removal 6-10 months to remove tattoo.
  • Acne Scars Removal Laser Treatment:- To remove acne scars, work is done on upper and deep layers. Medicated, peeling face is used for upper layer and laser is used for deep layer. Fractional laser, RESURFX laser, MNRF laser in this technique, treatment is done by sitting.
  • Piles Laser Treatment:- Spinal anesthesia are given during laser treatment of piles after the anesthesia has taken effect, the laser fiber is inserted through the small pipe to the base of the piles and it gives heat energy. By giving hits on the whole piles, they used to revolt. The blood supply of the piles is stopped by the hit and the entire processor the blood supply of the piles is stopped by the hit and the entire processor After the pipe is taken out.
  • Kidney Stone Laser Surgery:- Neither anesthesia nor any incision is required in this operation. The patient is made numb by giving anesthesia.The small laser fiber is passed through the endoscope to the kidney. The energy of the laser helps in breaking down the kidney stone. When adjacent pieces are cut by the heat of the laser. These stone pieces are thrown out through pipes. Surgery is done without stitches and incisions.
  • Fat Removal Laser Treatment:- Nowadays liposuction and lipo laser therapy are done to reduce obesity fat is destroyed by laser heat due to reduction of fat, you start looking thin.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment

1. Fast Healing & Recovery

There are chances of quick recovery if treated with laser treatment technology. Laser beam is safe and quick heal.

2. No Stitches Therapy 

No stitches or incisions are required during laser beam surgery. In this without incision, beam light is used to heal or burn the affected part.

3. Bloodless Or Painless   

During pure treatment, laser light is used without incision, beam light is used on the affected part or anesthesia is required. So there is no feeling of pain also, the whole procedure is done without blood coming out and without pain.

4. No Any Burning And Swelling

In laser therapy, the tissue of the affected part is corrected by burning, but there is no burning and no swelling is visible.

There are no side effects in laser treatment. It is completely safe but sometimes there are some side effects in some cases like:-

  • One big disadvantage of laser is that even after expensive seating there is no guaranteed confidence. If you are not careful, you have to take back the sitting 
  • Sometimes in some case it gets bleeding and bleeding from the laser. When sensitive skin old skin or patient suffering from any other disease like damage due to excessive heat while doing hair removal in melasma.
  • In some cases, there is a fear of getting an infection from the laser.
  • Hormonal disorders can cause more problems than laser hair removal more beam light has to be used than hair removal for freckled skin, due to which the color of the skin may change.
  • A person with sensitive skin has increased chances of getting scorched by the laser beam and there can be swelling on the skin.
  • Many diseases which cannot be cured by one or two sittings, then laser has to be used more often, due to which there is redness on the skin.
  • Many treatments like laser beam in cancer can lead to dehydration, there is a risk of heart attack in heart 

Laser treatment is very safe and effective. Sometimes it is safe except for some side effects but some caution should be taken That this therapy should work properly.

  • Age and health should be taken care of while doing laser. Person below 18 years should not do it.
  • While doing laser therapy, do not touch the laser area too much or misbehave.
  • Before getting the laser done for the face, keep the skin soft by applying moisturizer, treatment cream a week before. The skin should not be dry. 
  • Use good serum, face wash on the laser target area, do not go out in the sun for a few weeks and if you have to go out, use sunscreen. 
  • Cosmetic chemical products should not be used after laser treatment. Otherwise, there is a fear of infection, the skin gets burnt more.
  • Its radiation beam is ultra-wide, then get the doctor treated then telling the condition if you are pregnant cancer asthmatic then become chance infection.


Laser light has some side effects. But in most cases it is a very effective technique. Which is possible without any incision, get treated with some caution and experienced doctor only.

By taking the right precautions and taking complete laser treatment, the disease can be cured.

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