10 Best Tips To Weight Gain Just Only 30 Days


Some want to be thin and some want to be fat and weight gain. The body builds itself from many factors and when there is a deficiency in any of these factors so it directly affects the body. The texture of the body changes, when someone starts looking lean and someone starts looking fatty let us know which are the things that make the body look lean and the remedies to correct. 

Why Does The Body Weight Not Increase? Reason  

  • Lifestyle not perfect 

Today’s routine food has become such that the body’s diet is not perfect not sleeping at the right time, not eating on time, being lethargic, all these things affect the function of our body and white does not increase. 

  • Hyperthyroidism 

This is a type of disease in which our thyroid gland is produces a hormone called thyroxine which regulates metabolism. If these hormones are released in excess then eat as much but does not gain weight. 

  • Diabetes  

In this disease the appetite increases but the weight goes on decreasing because If insulin decreases in the body then the body does not get energy and in ultracold sugar starts forming and which makes the body lean. 

  • Iron Deficiency 

Sometimes, when the body does not have enough blood supply the body becomes incapable of doing its work then the blood are signals to the person towards hunger and when the iron itself decreases. Neither does one feel hungry nor does the food get digested which is not eaten and just like that the body weight goes on decreasing.  

  • Depression Or Stress 

Many times in this situation when we have any kind of tension, So our glad secretes hormones that stress reduces ghrelin hormones which leads to loss of appetite and lose weight. In stress, all the hormones of the mind disbalance and these hormones cause don’t work.  

  • More Physical Activity  

Many people keep on doing more work due to too much responsibility. All the work of home and office is done on them, due to which the work increases on a more physical basis and more

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calories are burnt than what is in the body, due to which the body does not get enough nutrition and body weight decreases. 

 Ways To Weight Gain Fast

1. Don’t Drink Water Before Eating 

Before eating food because the size of our stomach is small and those who feel less hungry, if they drink water before eating, then only this will fill their stomach and you will be able to eat less, so avoid drink water before it. 

2. Eat Extra Food Items 

Never feel hungry after eating, due to which the weight starts decreasing. For this, even when the appetite is less, then some healthy and good food snacks should be eaten. Should eat jaggery roasted gram butter or make laddus of some dry fruits and in case of less hunger, one laddus will also give more good calories, due to which the weight will not weight.  

3. Eat Carbohydrate Or Calorie Food  

Such food items in which grains, corn, sweet potato, rice, jaggery, butter, milk etc. All high calorie good fat foods should be eaten and in more high calorie foods can eat fried food fast food can eat fried food fast food or bread jam these all the foods helped to weight gain faster

4. Keeps Hormones Maintain  

When all the activities in the body are correct then good hormones are released which maintains the metabolism of the body hormones decide how much nutrition the body needs, then due to good hormones, there is absorption of the right dose for the body that’s why keep the hormones right. 

5. Exercise  

Some exercises should be done for proper health and body maintenance. Yoga Stretching Swimming walking a body builds up nutrients reaching due to this, the expansion of insulin is correct and the metabolism is kept correct and eat and drink the body feels with all these things the body white remains correct. Dumbbell exercises should be done for weight gain so that the muscle mass will grow.  

6. Don’t Worry Be Happy  

Completely eliminate any kind of tension because hormones are disabled, due to some reason, hormones is released, which is beneficial for the entire nourish the body’s demand. Many times when eat food or something that If it sticks in the intestines and it does not digest because of this the appetite is less and the demand for body not fulfil that’s why food should be eaten according to the needs of the body. So that Complete nutrients can be obtained weight gain.  

7. Meditation 

It gives great advantage as soon as we wake up in the morning, Our body secrets the hormones, so when we meditate in a happy mood, If we do then all the diseases of the body will end and we will be able to control them. 

  • Do strength exercise to muscle gain because strength exercise to increase muscle in your body and then weight your body also increases and weight gain. 
  • Healthy diet is very important to healthy fitness because we can’t maintain healthy fitness so we can not increase weight gainand chance to increase unhealthy weight loss of the body. 

Building muscle mass in your body because your gain muscle mass your then body weight will increases add healthy calories in your diet. The calories consumption can be increases by eggs, butter cheese and various type of other healthy side dishes. 

8. Intake Mini Meals 

Eat small amounts of food in 3-4 times a day because if you are struggle with a poor appetite due to medical or emotional issues then consuming large amount of food might not be appealing and practically. Consider to increase you calories intake through out the many smaller meals. 

9. Eat Protein  

You can eat more protein in diet to increases body weight and weight gain faster because in gaining protein is very important for body weight. Weight gain is a time taking process and body will need a protein to maintain energy and strength of your body. 

10. Avoid Junk Food  

If you want to get fat then you can avoid to eat junk food because junk food also increase body weight but that type of body weight increase unhealthy body weight. 


So by adopting these few methods we can weight gain and very healthy method should be adopted because if bad cholesterol increases due to excessive burning then there are chances of some other disease. So healthy weight gain will be easy. 

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