Make Pregnancy Easy By Keeping 14 Things In Your Mind


Make Pregnancy Easy By Keeping 14 Things In Your Mind

Being a mother is nature’s greatest gift, It is said that a woman is called complete only after becoming a mother. Feeling the reflex of a new life in your womb is interesting in itself this is God’s gift. It is also necessary to make good use of God’s gift. It is a responsibility & It is that wealth should be brought safely to the earth.

Things That Keep In Mind During Pregnancy And After Pregnancy

1. Early 3 month Careful Pregnancy   

In the first three months there is nausea and vomiting. Zhatherme acid builds up in the stomach overnight without thinking too much about it keep eating little by little. Eat some biscuits when you wake up liquid causes nausea. The child in the womb depends on the diet of the mother. Therefore, the mother should take proper diet.

Keep positive thoughts in mind, read good religious books. Do not bring negative thoughts to mind. Mother’s thinking falls on the child growing, so we should positive response.

2. Fresh Fruit And Vegetables        

Womb is dependent on the food of the mother for nutrition, therefore The diet of a pregnant woman should be Seasonal, orange, amla , vitamins. Instead of oil for calories use homemade in less quantity like apple, papaya & banana also good diet for nutrition. Fiber is available from green vegetables, which does not allow constipation and proper all elements are found.

3. Vaccination And Intake Of Medicines At The Right Time 

At the right time during pregnancy It is necessary to see the doctor and get the vaccine. It is the time of delivery to prevent infection to avoid tetanus vaccine is administered within the correct interval’s get vaccinated at the right time calcium and vitamins are prescribed by the doctor to ensure proper nutrition for the needs of the unborn baby and mother.

4. Best Position To Sleep   

What should be the sleeping pattern during pregnancy? Always on the side one should sleep on the side only. One should not sit suddenly by flying. Doing this suddenly gives a blow to the stomach can be decorous due to the increase in the lead of the stomach.

There is difficulty in sleeping for the pillow is used to breathe properly and by doing this, blood circulation also remains correct. Lying down on the back, thirty-two are suppressed and the blood does not reach the baby that’s why always sleep on your side.

5. Exercise And Yoga 

In such a situation, light exercise should be done as prescribed by the doctor. Exercise releases good hormones which refreshes the mood and positive thinking helps in the development of the child. The circulation of blood works properly food is digested properly. In pregnancy, which of our ligament loose sleep disorder, back pain all pregnancy symptoms reduce by exercise. Regular exercise helps in normal delivery.

6. Conversion With Well Wisher

Pregnant women one should stay away from all the worries and worries coming in his mind. Share any kind of matter that is bothering you with your well wisher. He will tell you the solution to your problem and you will be able will feel good. If the mind is sad, or if you are feeling lonely, then such touches will become your support because you need to be happy at such times.

7. Wearing Loose clothes & Flat Slippers.   

Flat slippers or shoes should be worn during pregnancy and  also don’t wear slippers with high heels, because of this there is a danger of slipping feet or wearing such slippers It can cause pain in the legs and blood circulation is also not correct. Due to deterioration of blood circulation, it is not known that the fetus does not develop. 

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8. Walk Daily

Walking after the miles should always take a little walk but In that time this becomes more important as we have to take care of the health of the baby along with us. Walk for at least 30 minutes with the doctor’s advice. Keep the body active, contract the muscles, keep the wagon under control.

Diabetes during pregnancy is prevented. Morning sickness from walking, cramps in the stomach, acid reflux You get all the benefits. Walking releases endorphins, which are good hormones that improve memory and mood.

9. Avoid Getting Burnt In Crowded Places.

To bump into someone when going to a crowded place the possibility remains and there is a danger of injury to the pregnant woman and unborn baby.

10. Do Not Travel Long Distances 

You should avoid traveling long distances from sitting too long due to sitting for long, the blood circulation does not work properly and the baby does not get proper space to move around clot accumulates in the blood vessel due to prolonged exposure, then blood does not reach the child which becomes risky.

11. Regular Checkup & Timely Medication    

See the doctor on time, so that the correct condition of the baby can be known at the right time By knowing the pay status, you can manage it baby’s right always take the medicine taken for growth under the advice of a doctor. Medicines of calcium and vitamins are helpful in bone disorders of the baby, so never delay in the checkup.

12. Don’t Smoking 

Never smoke for the baby very dangerous your baby could be born too early, have a birth defector die from sudden infant death. Carbon monoxide in tobacco and also contains other chemicals that can harm unborn babies. after birth of new born baby weaker lungs in the baby and increase many health problems. Smoking makes the front hard.

13. Be With Any Family Member

If you always be with any family member at this time its will be easy because at the last month of pregnancy is very critical so you be with one member for care and you may have to got to the hospital at any time.

14. Do Not Lift Heavy Weights  

Never lift heavy weights. Heavy weight in pregnancy can cause miscarriage because the weight of the baby is already lying on the stomach and the weight there is a fear of tissue damage of the lower part by lifting which can be even more dangerous at the time of delivery.


While becoming a mother is a great gift of nature, there is some risk along with it with some necessary careful care until a safe delivery with the safety of mother and child. So in this way with a little necessary care we can bring a new organism into the world You can get the happiness of becoming a family and you can get the feeling of satisfaction by bringing a healthy baby on earth. 

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