10 Super Benefits Of Oiling Body Daily


Oiling body massage is very popular in Ayurveda since ancient times. Because it gives a lot of benefits to the body, so now the whole world has accepted the knowledge of Ayurveda as the therapy of the oiling body is started from the time of birth of the child, because oiling massage not only satisfies the external but also the internal body. The blood circulation of the whole body of oil massage is correct and the mind is also completely relaxed. 

So do you know the thoughts that come into people’s minds about the oiling body and their solutions? 

10 Super Benefits Of Oiling Body Daily
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Q1. Is oling good for the body? 

Ans. Oiling the body not only benefits the skin but also the internal body parts. When oil with its bottom properties nourishes every part and makes it flexible and helps in smooth functioning. 

Q2. Is it okay to apply oil on the body every day? 

Ans. Yes, it is very important and beneficial because oiling body massage keeps our body moisturised due to the pollution of the external environment, and tiredness of day’s work and nourishes what is lost from the body. 

Q3. Is it okay to leave the oil on the body overnight? 

Ans. The oiling body does not mean that oiling will always give more benefits. This is only a part of body massage to be done 2 hours before bath. Because this much time is enough for the oil to reduce its capacity, during this time the oil also nourishes the body, corrects blood circulation, and reduces body soreness Rather, if the oil is applied for a long time, more dust is applied, and the pores of the skin may become close Due to which the flow of oxygen in the body can stop and dryness comes on the skin. 

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Q4. Does oiling cause hair fall? 

Ans. hair oiling is necessary to nourish it with oil within 2 hours before bath. Prolonged use, increases scalp infection by accumulating dirt on the scalp and this can cause dandruff and premature greying of hair.  

Rules Of The Oiling Body? 

Our body works like a machine for digestion, blood circulation, sleep, digestion, and other daily activities. So it works like a heavy machine in doing many things, so it also needs repair. and the body needs oil.  

How To Do An Oil Massage? 

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap before oil massage 
  • Oil massage should be done only in the morning on an empty stomach.  
  • The place of massage should be completely calm and clean.  
  • The mind should be completely relaxed, with no music or noise of any kind 
  • There should not be any kind of tension or anxiety 
  • Oiling body massage should be done with light hands in the inner parts also and not only on the upper surface of the skin. Oiling massage should be avoided at the time of stomach upset or period, it increases blood circulation, which can do some harm. 
10 Super Benefits Of Oiling Body Daily
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Oil Massage Therapy 

1. Swedish Oil Body Massage 

It is mostly done in European countries, in which more focus is given to muscle and connective tissue. 

2. Deep Tissue Oil Massage 

Many times sitting in the same position in the same place causes neck and shoulder pain, it is cured by deep tissue massage. In this, oil massage is done from the pressure point, in which medicated or homemade oil can be used. The butterfly is massaged clockwise so that the oil gets absorbed into the skin of the body.  

3. Hot Stone Massage 

These special types of stones, which have been smoothed by the reaction of the river, are used and after heating the body by applying oil, they also heat the stone, then the whole beedi will be massaged with the stone. 

Benefits Of Oiling Body 

1. Beneficial In Pain 

Any type of body pain can be effectively cured by oiling body massage. Because massage is necessary for the oil to reach the internal organs in the body. Therefore, massage the place of pain with light hands so that the effect of the oil can reach the pain and the pain can be removed by removing the swelling infection from the affected area. 

2. Remove Stiffness  

Sometimes the body, which looks healthy externally, is filled with tightness to a great extent from the inside. There is so much stiffness in the body that no work can be done with these, even bending down becomes difficult. Because it cures the stiffness in muscles. 

3. Navel Therapy

Oil is of great importance in correcting the displacement of the navel from ancient times. Applying massage on the navel to remove all cavities and detoxify it or making the navel soft and flexible oil is very beneficial in correcting the muscle tissue that causes the navel to move. 

4. Increase Serotonin Level 

When the oil is applied to the body through massage therapy, serotonin hormones which are happy hormones are increased. Due to this, the mood is good and the mind becomes completely fresh, which is very beneficial for the body’s health. 

5. Skin glowing 

By oiling body, the saree ageing and looseness of the body end, but the body gets tight and the body’s dirt comes out and the toxins flow out so that glowing the skin. 

6. The Oil Hydrates The Skin 

Oil has a very important role in nourishing the body by reducing dryness in the body. Due to the changes in the body and due to continuous working, wear and tear start coming in it, the solution of which is to hydrate the body by nourishing it with the help of oil therapy. 

10 Super Benefits Of Oiling Body Daily
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7. Regeneration Of Body Cells 

The cells which are useful in our life by oiling the body, by which the whole body operates, keep on getting damaged, and then they are replenished by oil. 

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8. Removes Stretch Marks 

Oiling the body will also tell the old stretch marks because when you massage the body with oil, you will get rid of the lining of the inner parts which helps in removing marks.

9. Body Cleanse & Detox 

All kinds of dirty and toxic elements come out from the oiling body, along with the Jissarbodi egg, the outside is also cleaned and the body becomes clean and detoxified.  

10. Promotes Hair Growth 

Oiling nourishes the hair and removes the dead cells of the hair, as well as removes dandruff and nourishes the hair, which is beneficial for the hair. 


Oiling body is the ancient or ayurvedic therapy that detoxifies the body, detoxes the muscles and helps in regenerating the skin it increases the intensity of the skin and improves blood circulation, so you should nourish your body by oiling it regularly. 








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