Menopause : 8 Best Steps That Help You To Prepare From It


The way the menstrual cycle starts in the life of every girl, then the time of its completion also affects every woman. The time of cessation of the menstrual cycle is called menopause. Its time is till the age of 45-51 years of the woman. When periods stop coming for a whole year, then that condition is considered menopause.

This is a natural process, but many times if the uterus has to come out due to some disease, even then the condition of menopause occurs. And there are many changes in the condition of menopause, which causes many problems and diseases, so what precautions should be taken at such a time, so that there is no harm in the menopause period? 

What’s Menopause? 

An egg is formed every month in every woman’s body and due to this estrogen hormones are produced. When the egg is released, the period starts in the woman, due to which the next menstrual cycle starts and so the cycle goes on every month, ovulation and menstruation occur, but when the number of eggs in the woman’s body decreases, Then the period starts becoming irregular.

How many eggs remain in the body of the woman, is decided by God in the event of that woman being fertilized herself And on this point, it is known about menopause, when the eggs in the woman start ending, then the menstrual cycle becomes irregular, Sometimes the bleeding becomes heavy and sometimes there is light bleeding.

Menopause does not happen suddenly, its symptoms start appearing 2-4 years in advance. Menopause in Indian women occurs 5 years before the women of other countries, so the menopause of Indian women lasts till 45-55.  

Menopause : 8 Best Steps That Help You To Prepare From It
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State Of Menopause 

1. Early menopause 

In many women, this happens very soon, if it happens between 40-45, then it is called early menopause. 

2. Premature menopause 

When menopause If it happens at the age of less than 40, years that is, after 31 years, then it is called Premature Menopause. 

Indians About Menopause? 

Many times menopause comes into the mind of many Indians who try to find a solution. 

Q1. What is the correct age for menopause? 

Ans. Regarding the true period of menopause, it is considered to be between the ages of 45-51 It happens between the ages but sometimes it happens even at the age of 40 and it is called premenopause. Which mostly depends on the number of eggs produced by females’ hormonal disturbance or the condition of the genes. 

Q2. What kind of symptoms appears before menopause? 

Ans. Even before the time of menopause, one has to face such painful or bad symptoms, but before the period of menopause, these symptoms appear slowly. 

  • Irregular menstruation
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache  
  • Dryness of vision
  • Increased bad cholesterol  
  • Skin becomes sensitive and dry
  • Urinary infection
  • Weakness in bones
  • Discomfort during sex 

Q3. Can pregnancy happen after menopause? 

Ans. Many times in premenopause it is not known that period will come back and in how much flow in this case pregnancy can happen and cannot be said but pregnancy cannot happen naturally but there is a way you can get pregnant with your frozen egg or donor egg because after menopause the egg ceases to become stop, so in this way, the desire to become a mother can be fulfilled. 

Q4. How long can menopause symptoms last? 

Ans. Sometimes the symptoms of menopause are for some time, and sometimes they do not go away for a long time, but some home remedies can be done for them and the reasons for this are known. to control hormones, which can be controlled a little by changing lifestyle and taking a healthy diet taking care of weight by removing some exercise avoiding stress controlling the weight excessively can avoid the problems that occur at this time. 

Q5. Does premenopause start at age 35? 

Ans. Sometimes the symptoms that come after the age of 40 starts coming even at the age of 30, while there is an irregularity in menstruation and if many types of changes are visible, then there is no need to panic at all. Because many women get the condition of menopause even under the age of 40 and if the number of eggs is less in women, then due to this also menopause happens early. 

Q6. Why do periods come early? 

Ans. Irregular periods are mostly due to hormonal imbalances. The early or late period in the month is due to the fluctuations of hormones. So many times periods become irregular due to excessive stress or side effects of some medicines. To solve this, some hormones can be consumed with the advice of a doctor. 

Q7. Can periods return after menopause? 

Ans. If bleeding occurs even after 12 months of menopause, then in this case a gynaecologist should be checked. Because many women have bleeding problems even after menopause, then it can be called normal and sometimes it can be serious So don’t judge it by yourself.

Q8. Does menopause happen suddenly? 

Ans. A few months or years before the onset of menopause, some changes begin to occur, such as excessive or very short periods, ie, irregular periods. A woman may suddenly go through menopause without any previous symptoms. 

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Q9. Can periods come to 52 years? 

Ans. This is quite possible because the duration of the menstrual cycle can only be said about certain exact times. Everyone’s body system hormones and genes are different, the effect of which is different from the onset of menstruating and the time to go to menopause is also different. Menstruation occurs in many girls at a late age, so in such women, menopause can occur till late age. So, till late age, periods happen till 55-60 years, this is natural, there is no need to panic or have any apprehension in mind. 

Q10. Are there any problems in life after menopause? 

Ans. Menopause causes a lot of pain due to the lack of estrogen hormones, lifestyle changes or a good balance diet and physical activities like exercise and yoga would eliminate all the problems. 

Q11. Does menopause affect married life? 

Ans. We can say that suddenly women’s mood is a little disturbed due to the change in hormones and due to dryness there is pain in the vagina, but some exercise, a balanced diet, and yoga can reduce mood and body problems. 

Menopause : 8 Best Steps That Help You To Prepare From It
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Menopause Problems Encountered During? 

During menopause, the secretion of hormones suddenly decreases, and the problem of Parker in the body is solved because estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are needed. So the problem is caused by the effects of these hormones on the body. 

1. Having Irregular Periods 

At the beginning of the condition of menopause, the monthly period begins to change unevenly. Sometimes there is a heavy bleeding period and sometimes it is very minor or there may be a change in the duration of the monthly period in 45 days or 2 months or 3 months, once in 4 months or then menopause occurs.  

2. Hot Flashes Or Night Sweats 

The sudden reduction of hormones in the condition of menopause has a great effect on the body. Because estrogen harms our body and balances it, it secretes a lot of warmth into the body. more trouble at night Sweating starts while sleeping and due to this sleep is also disturbed.  

3. Insomnia 

Changes in hormones have a direct effect on sleep. Relax hormones also become unbalanced which there is a bad effect on sleep. The body is not able to feel relaxed and sleep is not complete due to restlessness, due to which the whole day remains cumbersome and does not feel like doing any work. 

 4. Vaginal Dryness 

Testosterone, estrogen or progesterone in hormones, to improve all the body’s functions, they make eggs in women, during pregnancy, delivery of these hormones is of great importance and when there is a deficiency or imbalance of these hormones There is dryness in the vagina because these hormones also maintain flexibility and their deficiency causes dryness. 

5. Weight Gain 

The biggest and most difficult phase of a woman’s life is the time of reproduction and during this time the body is prepared for pregnancy due to which many hormones change. In women, by preparing the body to prevent egg production, hormones are produced, or by preparing the body at all, to pass through periods or to enter menopause. There are many hormonal changes that have side effects on the body, which cause body weight gain. 

6. Memory Problem 

In the event of menopause, the hormones produced by the hormone cortisol are responsible for controlling the activity of our brain activity and the direct effect falls on the memory power of the brain.

7. Dry Skin 

The skin of the whole body becomes dry, and the skin of the eyes and face becomes dry. Because there is a change in the hormones that nourish our body, due to which the skin becomes dry, 

8. Depression 

As we know that in menopause there is the secretion of bad hormones due to which stress hormones start developing more. There is a decrease in stress-free hormones, due to which the mind does not get relaxation and depression starts. 

9. Weak Bones  

There is pain in most areas of the body, which means joint pain, which means that due to lack of estrogen, the cartilage starts to form in the bones, which is also a problem of arthritis the problem of pain in the jaws also persists. 

Menopause : 8 Best Steps That Help You To Prepare From It
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10. Heart Problems 

Many hormones make the blood vessels of the heart run smoothly so that the heart can do its work properly, but with ageing, when there is a decrease in hormones, heart problems start appearing. 

11. Urinary infection 

Epigastric urinary tract infection due to loss of estrogen secretion.  

12. Hair Loss 

When moving in the direction of menopause, due to hormonal changes, there is a lack of nutrients reaching the hair, due to which Hair does not get complete nutrition and hair becomes thin, dry and weak. 

13. Mood Change 

Many times there are excessive mood changes in the condition of menopause. Sometimes there is anger and irritability excessive nature And many times the mind gets sad and does not feel like doing any work. Sometimes I feel happy without any reason, all this happens due to changes in mood hormones. 

14. Breast Tenderness 

Menopause is a condition in which there is a change in the whole body, in the same way, there is tenderness in the breasts, it is all due to hormonal disturbance. 

Menopause condition a normal and natural part of every woman’s life and Stopping it is impossible and against nature, it has to be adopted in the same way as every girl has to be adopted by a prostitute.  it also brings some problems and pain but there are very easy ways to avoid this problem, adopting which will get rid of all the problems occurring at this time. 

Solution Of These Symptoms

1. Regular Exercise And Yoga 

To avoid the painful condition of menopause, you should prepare yourself from the time of Pre Menopause so that there is a normal condition occurring at this time. Because at this time there are problems like not being able to sleep are also a big problem at this time, for which daily exercise proves to be very beneficial and exercise doesn’t even let this unhealthy weight increase and by doing yoga, the stress of the mind ends and there is a good feeling. Or exercise can also make the mind normal. 

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2. Quit Smoking And Drinking Alcohol 

Drinking and smoking are equally harmful and when there is a condition of menopause, they must be given up forever. They increase the amount of nicotine in the body, which has a bad effect on estrogen hormones, a very bad effect from a health point of view. 

3. Balanced Diet 

To achieve good health, bd needs adequate nutrients to protect against changes in the body and for this, the right amount of iron, protein, and calcium is needed because, in menopause, there is weakness in the bones. Because the hormone which strengthens the bones starts to decrease, then for this calcium-rich things should be eaten in the food.

Milk, Egg, Meat, Soybean, Fish and plenty of Beans for protein and for nutrients and iron, green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits should be eaten so that the body can fight against all the opposite functions. 

4. Keep The Temperature Cool 

Hot flashes or night sweats cause a lot of distress in the body due to the need for hormonal changes to control all body temperatures. So to solve this, make your body and room temperature from hot to cold. Wear loose clothes for body temperature, take bath at night and use some electrical equipment to keep the room cool fried and spicy food should not be eaten so that there is no heat in the body.  

Menopause : 8 Best Steps That Help You To Prepare From It
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5. Keep Stress Free 

In every situation, the person should be kept stress-free, because as long as there is an atmosphere of tension, the hormones will be more disturbed that’s why to keep doing activities that keep your mind fresh, such as listening to music, and dancing and if you are worried about something, then share your heart’s thoughts with your closest ones. So that the stress is removed from the mind and one should remain stress-free and for this breathing yoga will prove to be very effective, so one should do stress-free yoga for some time. 

6. Have a Good Sleep 

If there is a lack of sleep during the condition of menopause, then it needs to be maintained properly. Because Pisces should have 8-12 hours of sleep to refresh the body and relax the body organs. Because when the body gets rest then only it will be able to work properly, for this one should take a bath with lukewarm water at night and sleep and listen to some light music or read some books to get a good deep sleep. Due to complete sleep, the body will be relaxed and will avoid the stressful condition of menopause.  

7. Take Care Of Cleanliness 

It is always important for a woman to pay attention to her cleanliness. Because in the condition of menopause, there is a lot of fear of urinary infection and a lot of trouble has to be faced and due to the loss of lubricants in the vagina, dryness starts coming into it, due to which there is a fear of infection. To deal with this problem, take care of vaginal cleanliness or keep the entire body clean so that the body feels refreshed and is protected from any kind of infection.  

8. Get Regular Checkups 

In this position, when there is a serious problem, there is no need to take any decision on your own a good gynaecologist should be seen and in case of any kind of problem, consult a doctor and get any symptoms of vaginal infection, regular checkup should be done. 


In this article, we discussed menopause and how a woman prepares herself for motherhood even before her own birth. Being a mother is a God’s gift and for this one has to go through many cycles which start from a girl child till the life of a woman The problem that comes in the journey from the formation of the egg to its completion is as much as in the life of a woman. So this is a natural and God’s gift, solve it with great care. If you are a woman, then take good care of yourself, good diet, exercise, remain stress free and accept every problem that comes in life and find its solution. 






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